Water treatment & discharge

Tecnoambiente is an environmental inspection entity and test laboratory in the field of Waste Waters with the following accreditations:  

Tecnoambiente is accredited by ENAC as an environmental inspection entity  according to UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17020 in the field of Waste Waters, with accreditation number 29/EI432. [Descargar]

Tecnoambiente is a test laboratory certified by ENAC according to UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17025 in the field of Waste Waters, with accreditation number 479/LE1035. [Descargar]

Tecnoambiente collaborates with AIG (Aigües) EC-AIG, authorized by the Catalan Administration through the Direcció General de Qualitat Ambiental del Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya. [Descargar] [Learn more]

Tecnoambiente is a laboratory that collaborates in the control and surveillance of the quality of water bodies and  landfill management [LA-AIG], supervised and authorized by the Catalan Government through the Direcció General de Qualitat Ambiental i Canvi Climàtic del Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat de la Generalitat de Catalunya. [Descargar] [Learn more]

Tecnoambiente counts on the expertise of professionals in consultancy and technical assistance in the treatment of wastewater, and proposes solutions to problems and issues related to the debugging process.

The main services offered are:

Diagnosis of the Purification Process and Environmental Consultancy

  • Sampling plans.
  • Characterization of discharges (determination of physical-chemical and microbiological parameters).
  • Study of discharges and debugging treatments; respirometries, biodegradability, nutrient removal, etc.
  • Control and monitoring of urban and industrial sewage
  • Assessment to the operation of sewage treatment, periodic monitoring
  • Design treatments and efficient solutions
  • Improvement of treatment and process optimization processes
  • Diagnosis of debugging treatments and corrective measures by microscopic observation of biological sludge
  • Adaptation and improvement of sewage treatment plants regarding changes in the quantity and quality of the discharge
  • Study of the productive process to minimize water consumption

Administrative Management

  • Processing of Integrated Environmental Authorizations
  • Consultancy on appeal lodging against sanctions, response to administration requirements
  • Processing of Release Authorizations, DUCAS and related documents
  • Adequacy of activities to current legislation (Ley 20/2009, 4 de diciembre (PCAA) -which repeals and replaces Ley 3/1998, 27 de febrero (IIAA) in Catalonia-, Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2016, 16 de diciembre, etc.)


  • Specific training for companies and technical personnel on biological purification treatments and technical aspects of purification, such as exploitation, treatment and reuse of water for the industrial sector
  • Advice on the suitable environmental management within companies 

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