Waste and Water Laboratory

Almost 35 years ago, Tecnoambiente was a pioneer in Spain to provide environmental laboratory testings and analyses. Since then we have continuously invested and worked to incorporate new technologies and to comply with evolving legal requirements.  We possess extensive experience in analysis, guaranteeing the independence, quality and confidentiality that each client needs.

Currently we have three different laboratories located in Barcelona (Badalona), A Coruña and Zaragoza. From these laboratories, we are able to serve all the Spanish market, and in many cases, we also bring to our laboratories samples from abroad.

Our lab capabilities include the study, characterization and diagnostic of all kinds of environmental matrices, such as waste, fresh and marine waters, compost, sediment, leachate, soil, sludges and atmosphere. For each segment, we use the methods of analysis described in the applicable legislation, whether national or regional, or alternatively we abide by internationally recognized standards. Similarly than with laboratory testings, for sampling, which is a process as important as the analysis, we use recognized procedures that guarantee that the analytical laboratory tests are carried out on a representative sample.

Our aim is to provide a fast, independent, reliable and accurate service. The commitment with our customers goes beyond the performance of a set of analytical determinations; at Tecnoambiente we advise our clients to determine what tests must be performed and we help them to interpret, analyze and understand the results. Our clients are leading players of a number of different industries that require analyses in environmental matrices: Automobile, Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, etc.

In addition to serving external clients, our laboratories also serve and are key for our two other main business lines: Marine Survey and Consultancy and Environmental Consultancy. For these two units, an in-house laboratory translates into competitive pricing and high speed in obtaining results.

We have a team with extensive experience and training and the latest technology and equipment for analysis.

Accreditations and Certifications

Our laboratory management guidelines follow the highest standards of quality when working under the  ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 regulations, which certify it as a Test Laboratory and Inspection Entity.

  • On the one hand, the regulation regarding its Test Laboratory is UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17025, and its accreditation number is 479/LE1035  [Descargar].
  • On the other, the Inspection Entity regulation is UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17020, and its accreditation number 29/EI432  [Descargar].

Besides, so as to guarantee our commitment to the environment in our daily activities and in our performance policy we work under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. The requirements of such certifications are taken into account in all of our processes. These certifications are:

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