Sustainable Finance

Tecnoambiente provides an experienced team to support the mobilization of capital towards a low carbon economy to fight climate change. We offer analytical, consulting, structuring, and support services so our clients comply with regulatory requirements, incorporate best-in-class tools and improve in-house capacities.

The department offers specific sustainable finance services for our financial and corporate clients, as well as climate finance services for multilateral organizations, bilateral cooperation, NGOs and more.

In the last decade, we have witnessed an exponential development of the sustainable finance space, coming from the public and private sectors at the international level. Now that (i) the European Union has passed key regulation (EU Taxonomy Regulation, SFDR, EU GBS, etc.), (ii) supervisors are more familiarized with the idea of including climate risk provisions into stress tests, and (iii) the financial industry has been building their knowledge on SRI, ESG and impact investment, it is time to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable financial system.


  • To support our clients, we provide the following sustainable finance services

    • EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan Readiness:

      • Support in complying with new disclosure requirements, new portfolio structuring and analysis (EU TR, SFDR)

    • Design of sustainable financing frameworks for companies:

      • Mechanisms, use of proceeds, transparency provisions, reporting and alignment with GBP/GLP, EU TR, CBI, etc.

    • Structuring sustainable financing lines for financial institutions:

      • Establish technical requirements based on the GBP/GLP, CBI, EU TR, and provide external verifications to sustainable finance products (SPO, Impact Reports, etc.)

    • Incorporation of ESG factors at the product or organizational level:

      • Include environmental, social and governance provisions in internal policies, develop ESG investment strategies, ESG assets analysis, reporting, etc.

    • Analysis of environmental or social impacts from financed projects:

      • Quantification of environmental and social impacts

    • Sustainability-related portfolio analysis:

      • Scope 3 emissions (tCO2/M€), % of alignment with EU TR, Paris Agreement climate scenarios (ºT)

    • Support in joining leading international initiatives on sustainable finance:

      • Facilitate the access to the PRI, Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance, UNEP FI Banking Pilot, etc. Contact, knowledge transfer and reporting exercises.

    • Climate and sustainability reporting

      • TCFD, CDP, PRI, PCAF, GRI, etc

The above list of services serves just as an example and does not exclude additional services

Our team has a track record in working for UN entities, multilateral organizations and international NGOs. We know how they work, and we have the technical capabilities to provide high-quality and personalized support on circular economy, payment for ecosystem services (PES), capital mobilization and programs’ coordination efforts.

  • In line with that, we provide the following climate finance services:

    • Design and structuring of land-use investment projects

      • Technical support to structure, define and organize different mechanisms to achieve high impact. (Debt for nature swaps, PES, Nature Performance Bonds, etc)

    • Identification and quantification of program’s/investment’s environmental and social impacts

      • KPIs design, socioeconomic impact studies, methodological recommendations, etc.

    • Support the development of climate or carbon finance public policies

      • Climate change adaptation plans, PES programs, REDD+

    • Monitoring, verification and reporting of international climate action programs

    • GIS analysis of terrestrial and marine data from landscape investments

    • Support in structuring blended finance mechanisms or public-private partnerships (PPPs)

      • Environmental objectives definition, risk-reward balance, first-loss, etc.

The above list of services serves just as an example and does not exclude additional services


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