Tecnoambiente provides marine geotechnical services including site investigations to support design and engineering of offshore and nearshore structures including pipelines and cables routes, foundations, breakwaters, jetty and port developments with reclaimed land in water depths ranging from a few meters to more than 2.000 meters. Using the state-of-the-art equipment, technical experts and long-term partnership with geotechnical laboratories, Tecnoambiente is able to provide data interpretation including CPT data, laboratory data and geophysical data for the provision of integrated final reports contents.

Site investigations for:

  • Site characterisation and parameterisation.
  • Seabed geohazard assessments including liquefaction.
  • Foundation design for production platforms, jackets, mooring or floating facilities, wind turbines, suction and drag anchors, suction caissons, gravity based structures etc.
  • Dredging, port developments, land reclamation, LNG terminals, etc.
  • Routing and burial risk assessments for cables and pipelines (export pipeline or flowlines, export cables and inter-array cables) including soil and pipeline/cable interaction.
  • Seabed slope stability assessment.

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