About us




  TECNOAMBIENTE, S.L. was founded in 1980 and it is a  pioneering company in Spain in the exclusive provision of consultancy services specialised in the environment.

The culture of  TECNOAMBIENTE seeks to satisfy its clients through providing technical assistance by experienced, qualified  experts, helping our clients to implement sustainable solutions and alternatives in the face of technical and  environmental challenges.

TECNOAMBIENTE is comprised of a highly specialised multidisciplinary team, the most  advanced technology and the necessary accreditations to give the best response to our clients' needs. 


To comply with this goal, we have a very flexible organisation, adaptable to the needs of each Client, whose proven success is due to the following:


  • Experience (more than 2,000 studies and reports carried out across Spain and a further ten countries in a series of perfectly defined business units)
  • Technical capabilities (it has the instrumental equipment for sample-taking and on-site measuring as well as its own certified laboratory for analysis of all kinds of environmental samples)
  • Innovation capabilities, improving our services and opening up new lines of work, essential in a business with rapidly evolving technology.
  • Skill to collaborate with other consultancy and engineering companies to carry out complex and multidisciplinary surveys.
  • Integration in a single company of all environmental consultancy areas: on-site work, analytic work and office work.

TECNOAMBIENTE is totally  independent of any financial groups or construction companies.