Environmental Consulting

The Environmental Consulting area specializes in providing the following services:

IPPC permitting

Consultancy services for the application of the integrated Pollution Prevention and Control legislation and assessment in the application of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) in a wide range of activities.

Control and monitoring studies:

  • Required in the environmental monitoring plans for compliance of Integrated Environmental Permits and Licences
  • Assessment for completing PRTR records - Spain and other reporting mechanisms


  • Physicochemical characterization studies for the waste classification
  • Landfills Control and monitoring
  • Leachate control and monitoring
  • Waste minimization studies
  • Preparation of documentation for obtaining authorization as waste producer


  • Design of Soil and groundwater monitoring plans
  • Sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater
  • Evaluation of different alternatives for Soils and ground water management
  • Preliminary soil reports
  • Soil and groundwater Risk Analysis (RA) characterization studies
  • Formalities with Administration for final certification 

Waste water treatment

  • Characterization of discharges
  • Control and monitoring of urban and industrial sewage
  • Study of discharges and debugging treatments; respirometries, biodegradability, nutrient removal
  • Assessment to the operation of sewage treatment, periodic monitoring
  • Design treatments and efficient solutions
  • Improve of treatment and process optimization processes
  • Diagnosis of debugging treatments and corrective measures (microscopic observation of biological sludge)
  • Making DUCAS and discharge authorizations Sanctions Consulting
  • Holding courses on biological purification treatments
  • Adaptation and improvement of sewage treatment plants regarding changes in the quantity and quality of the discharge
  • DMA

Environment Impact Assessment

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental sustainability reports
  • Environmental monitoring programs associated with infrastructures
  • Environmental incidence studies
Wildlife Studies and limnology           
  • Maps of vegetation
  • Wildlife tracking 
  • Aquaculture 
    • Macrophytes studies
    • Macroinvertebrates tracking
    • Studies using selective fishing
  • Full-study (diagnosis, fieldwork, methodologies, expression of results and conclusions) of the environmental field obtaining topographic, thermographic and spectrophotometric data by drones


  • Maritimes Interior plans 
  • Environmental Audits
  • ROM Manager System



(Works with Quality Certification ISO 9001)

Mass waste

  • Urban waste from a selective segregation (Light packaging, paper and cardboard, glass, organic matter, etc.)
  • Waste for process optimization and commissioning of automatic selection facilities


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